The Norton Introduction to Literature: Shorter 12th Edition

4 out of 5 stars

The Norton Introduction to Literature with 2016 MLA Update: Shorter 12th Edition

By: Kelly J. Mays

the norton introduction to literature  Synopsis: The shorter twelfth edition of this book by Kelly J Mays covered fiction, poetry, drama, how to wrote a research paper, and historical contexts.

Pro: Numerous examples of different types of genres of literature were given in this edition. If you are wanting an entire collection of great examples this may be the book for you or your class. The format of this book was easy to follow and understand. The sections within this book labeled as “suggestions for writing” had thought-provoking questions related to the text for students or other readers for which they could draw ideas. This is a rather lengthy book to get through for a one-semester class, but it is possible to read the entire collection in that timespan. I would definitely recommend this book for college English classes.

Con: Prepare for tons of gloomy stories about divorce, abortion, death, outdated gender roles, being a prisoner like in “The House of Asterion”, and arson like in “Barn Burning”. The majority of the stories I read in my English II class were on these topics.