Ours Brun Dis-Moi

2 out of 5 stars

Ours Brun Dis-Moi 

By: Eric Carle

ours brun, dis moi  Pro: This is a simple book that helps children learn their colors and some animals. I would recommend this book to much younger children maybe 2 or 3-year-olds. There is an English and French version.

Con: The illustrations were somewhat mediocre. The book is extremely repetitive and is not meant for children much older than toddlers.


The House of the Scorpion #1

3 stars out of 5

the house of the scorpion.jpeg  I enjoyed this book. I especially liked the discussion on how human clones would be treated and what rules for them would result. The fictional mistreatment of the clones reminded me of historical accounts of treating people less than for being different.

Pros: It made me think about how human clones would be treated and what rights they might have.

Cons: There a bit of repetition in the book that gets tiring. An example of this would be that the author refers to the beginning of the book a lot with repeated quotes and references.

Conclusion: All in all, I liked this book, but it isn’t in my top favorites.

Knife and the Butterfly

1 star out of 5

knife-and-the-butterfly  The main character, Azael, wakes up in a cell. As he is locked away, he tries to remember how he got picked up. Azael has quite the attitude in the book. The language in the book was graphic and violent. I personally did not enjoy this book because I didn’t care for the dialogue.

Pro: If you want to read a fictional book about gang members and being locked up, this is the book for you. Especially, if you are a young adult.

Con: After reading reviews of people who loved this book, I can conclude that a lot of those individuals did not like the ending.