Foundations of College Chemistry: 15th Edition

4 out of 5 stars

Foundations of College Chemistry Fifteenth Edition with Wiley Plus

By: Hein, Arena, Willard

foundations of college chemistry 15th edition  Synopsis: This college chemistry book has 20 chapters; significant figures, converting measurements, naming of elements and compounds, properties of matter, early and modern atomic theory and structure, writing formulas for various compounds, finding molar mass and percent composition of compounds, writing and calculating chemical equations, and gas laws are a few of the many topics covered.

Pro: This is a very comprehensive book for an intro course in chemistry. Every chapter is full of practice problems along with a chapter review full of more practice. If you buy WileyPlus, more examples are given for each type of problem you need. WileyPlus also has a personalized learning dashboard that will keep track of your progress for every chapter.

Con: This book dives straight into practice problems and ignores the conceptual side of chemistry. Only selected practice problems in the review have answers to them and some answers for the problems within the chapters only can be found in Wiley. So, if a student does not buy Wiley, many of these practice problems are useless.


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